Saturday, February 28, 2009

Convert Generic List In To DataTable

I saw the Converting the List to Data Table articles..that are really nice things

Both are Good Stuffs

public static DataTable convert2Table(List list)


DataTable table = new DataTable();

if (list.Count > 0)


PropertyInfo[] properties = list[0].GetType().GetProperties();

List<string> columns = new List<string>();

foreach (PropertyInfo pi in properties)





foreach (T item in list)


object[] cells = getValues(columns, item);




return table;


private static object[] getValues(List<string> columns, object instance)


object[] ret = new object[columns.Count];

for (int n = 0; n <>


PropertyInfo pi = instance.GetType().GetProperty(columns[n]);

object value = pi.GetValue(instance, null);

ret[n] = value;


return ret;


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